The EST Pizza Truck Experience

Est Est Est Pizza, established 1973, has been ranked as one of New Haven’s Top 10 pizza restaurants.  Now, we are proud to introduce the first ever EST Pizza Truck. 

Our Fire Rescue truck is outfitted with a 4,000 lb, hand crafted, Italian, wood fired brick oven that fires up to over 900 degrees F and can cook pizzas in less than 2 minutes!  Now you and your guests can enjoy the delicious taste of brick oven pizza, served fresh off our Fire Rescue truck, at your next event! 

The Est Pizza truck makes it easy and affordable to cater your next party.  Simply tell us where to park, and our friendly staff takes care of the rest.  We’ll start by serving your guests salad followed by our legendary pizza!  After everyone has had their fill of pizza, we will serve UNLIMITED frozen yogurt and an espresso to top the off the event. 

But wait, there’s more!  Not only does our staff serve your guests, but we entertain them too.  Kids and adults of all ages are invited to learn the magic behind making pizza.  Our professional staff provides a safe environment to teach those who are interested how to make their own pizza. 

Be the hero of your next party, and provide a unique experience that your guests won’t forget.  Welcome to the EST Pizza Truck Experience!

  • A unique experience that your  guests won’t forget.
  • Tell us where to park, and enjoy the rest of your event. 
  • The only truck that serves UNLIMITED Frozen Yogurt
  • Find out why the pizza truck is more fun and more affordable than traditional catering

About the Restaurant

EST EST EST Pizza was established in New Haven in 1973, and ranks as one of the top 10 pizza restaurants. The words “EST EST EST” comes from the ancient Romans.  The Latin term “EST EST EST” was used as an expression of ecstatic wonderment, especially for food and wine of extremely high quality. 

EST Pizza was featured by News Channel 8 for their delicious pizza. EST Pizza is the only place in New Haven open till 3am, and delivering pizza to the night owls! 

EST Pizza sells all of its famous Pizza by the slice, so stop by when your hungry! 


About the Pizza Truck

EST Pizza uses a fully equipped 1989 Fire Rescue Truck to bring the EST Pizza Experience to your event. 

The Fire Rescue Truck was recently retired from active service in Arizona, and driven all the way across the country to serve the great people of Connecticut!  

The truck has been retrofitted with an Italian made, hand crafted, wood fired, 4,000 lb Brick Oven – imported directly from Italy – shipped half way across the world, and installed via a crane onto the EST Pizza Truck. 

Along with the Italian wood fired brick oven, the truck is outfitted with a generator to power the refrigerator, freezer, frozen yogurt machine, and other appliances on the truck. 

The truck’s oven heats up to over 900 degrees F, and can cook Pizzas in less than 2 minutes! 

The EST Pizza Truck Staff has taught hundreds of guests of all ages the joy and fun of making Pizza. 

Est Pizza truck would like to be part of the helping around the community Est Pizza truck offers 10% off for any non-profit organizations.
Each Truck Serves up to 100 Guests Available Spring, Summer & Fall
Friendly staff takes care of everything Serving all of CT